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Meet Vance W. Boyd!

Proud to Announce: A New Voice for Texas’ 19th District! 🗳️🌟 Excited to share my vision for a stronger, prosperous West Texas. Join me on this journey! #Texas19Votes #ConservativeVoice #StrongerTexas #VanceWBoyd

Protect Women´S Rights

As your congressman, I will not stand by and watch girls and women be robbed of their privacy, their dreams, or their hard earned achievements. You have my word on that.

We Deserve Better

In West Texas, we’re tired of the same old politics – it’s time for a change. We need politicians who don’t hide behind closed doors, but who stand up for what’s right. Join me in the fight for a better West Texas. 💪🏼🌟 #WestTexasStrong

Defending Free Speech

Vance is addressing the growing concerns around free speech and government overreach. He emphasizes the need to protect and defend the right to free speech, expressing concerns about the current political climate and promising to represent the 19th District of Texas with a commitment to upholding constitutional freedoms.

A Promise to Protect Rural Healthcare

In this video, I address a critical issue that affects our healthcare system. The recent legislation, misleadingly titled ‘Access to Cancer Treatment,’ is a clear example of policy working against the interests of our community. It risks the closure of rural hospitals by diverting crucial funds, limiting healthcare options for our people. As your Congressman, dismantling such harmful legislation will be my top priority. We in West Texas look out for one another; we don’t stand by policies that create hardships or diminish healthcare quality due to geographical disparities. Join me in this fight for fair and accessible healthcare for all.

Country of Origin Label

Standing Up for Transparency in Our Food Supply: As a proud cattleman and candidate for the 19th District of Texas, I, Vance W. Boyd, am committed to restoring country of origin labeling for beef and pork.
Our families have the right to know where their food comes from.
In Congress, I will fight to bring back this crucial labeling, supporting American consumers’ choices and our local cattle raisers. It’s time for informed decisions and fair trade.

Social Security Tax

Breaking down the double tax dilemma of Social Security. In the 1980s, Congress turned our hard-earned Social Security payments into taxable income, hitting us with a second tax on the same money. That’s double taxation, and it’s just plain wrong. As your voice in Congress, I refuse to stay silent on this issue. It’s time to prioritize people over government spending. Let’s bring the change we deserve. I’m Vance W. Boyd, fighting for the 19th District of Texas.

A Call for Real Leadership in West Texas

Let’s take a moment to address the current state of representation in the 19th District under Congressman Jodey Arrington. Despite the grand claims made in his brochures, the reality is that his achievements over the past 24 months have been minimal at best. It’s clear that instead of substantive action, we’ve been offered nothing but empty promises and spin.

I am stepping up to run for this office because I believe the people of West Texas deserve more than just talk. Unlike my opponent, who has become a full-time resident of Washington, D.C., and lost touch with our district, I have always called West Texas home. I understand our needs, our values, and our way of life because I live it every day.

Through this campaign, I am not just seeking to highlight the shortcomings of the current representation. I am promising to bring about the change we need. Action, integrity, and results are not just words to me; they are commitments. I am West Texan, through and through, and I pledge to do whatever it takes to ensure our voices are heard and our needs are met in Congress.

Watch my full video to understand why I am running to be your representative for the 19th District of Texas and how together, we can achieve the change we deserve.

24/7 line to leadership

Fed up with being ignored? It’s time for change. I, Vance W. Boyd, am stepping up to ensure our voices are heard loud and clear in Washington. From ignoring our calls and emails to lacking real engagement – enough is enough. As a small town mayor, I’ve always been just a conversation away, and I’m bringing that accessibility to Congress. For Texas District 19, I’m committed to being your 24/7 line to leadership, ensuring no concern goes unanswered. Let’s bring the power back to the people, where it belongs. 💪

Election Day

Enough is enough. It’s time for real action, not just titles. This Election Day, let’s vote for change.