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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Defend Female Sports and Privacy: Respecting Fairness and Rights

It seems absurd to even have to say this, but biological males should not be allowed to compete against females in sporting events, whether it’s a high school volleyball team, a collegiate swim meet or an Olympic-level boxing match. Throughout history, men and women have competed in same-sex leagues for very good reasons, and those biology-based reasons haven’t changed, despite a troubling shift in thinking for some in our society.

Men also should be banned from bathrooms, locker rooms and other private spaces designated for females. While people have the right to “identify” as any gender, that does not give biological men the right to trample over the rights and private spaces of girls and women.

At the federal level, Title IX is a civil rights law that was created by Congress to prevent sex-based discrimination in any school or program that receives funding from the federal government. Unfortunately, the law intended to protect female sports has been repurposed and weaponized by so-called Progressives who seek to disrupt female sports by including biological males. As a West Texan, I will proudly stand up for girls and women across our state and nation, and as your Congressman I will do whatever I can to make sure the original intent of Title IX – protecting women’s sports – is restored.

Let’s work to protect the rights and privacy of girls and women in West Texas, our state and our nation. It’s our duty to stand together to preserve fairness, respect, integrity and safety. Together, let’s foster an environment where every individual can thrive, and where individuals don’t infringe upon the rights and privacy of others.