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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Protect and Champion our West Texas Food Producers

As your Congressman, I will strongly advocate for our West Texas food producers by fighting for “Country of Origin” labeling on beef and poultry products. This important measure will protect our West Texas producers, as well as consumers, from low-quality, unlabeled foreign imports.

Right now, the U.S. government, through the USDA, does not allow the “Product of USA” label exclusively on meat, poultry and eggs from animals that were born, raised and processed in the United States. As a result, shoppers in grocery stores and other retail outlets have no idea where the meat, eggs and related products they are buying came from.

The lack of transparent labeling puts American producers at a competitive disadvantage to producers in Brazil, Paraguay and other international locations. Studies have shown that U.S. consumers prefer to “Buy American,” but our local food producers and consumers don’t get that advantage without “Country of Origin” labeling. In addition to having the largest beef cattle industry in the world, America is also the No. 1 consumer of beef, primarily high-value, grain-fed beef, like we have right here in West Texas.

If elected, I am committed to working with the beef industry in Texas to help fortify their market position as premium producers. While a “Product of the USA” label is a good start, I also believe it’s worth exploring a regional labeling system, like “Product of West Texas.” After all, our region has some of the finest herds in the entire United States and the industry is key to our district’s financial well-being.

Let’s work to do what is right for the health and vitality of our citizens and businesses.