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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Improve Border Security: Keeping West Texas Safe and Secure

In Texas, we are on the frontlines of illegal immigration, drug smuggling and human trafficking. The issue, for me, isn’t immigration; it’s the alarming absence of commonsense regulations for our southern border.

To be clear: I fully support legal immigration, which is an important component of our nation’s fabric. However, I cannot condone illegal immigration, which has become a shameful hallmark of the policies implemented by Democrats and the Biden Administration.

As your Congressman, I will seek out your input – from residents of all 33 of our counties – to collaborate on a clear plan to better manage our borders and the agency that currently oversees them, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Given its dismal performance these past three-and-a-half years, I’m not convinced that DHS can deliver the results we need. However, should a Republican win the White House in 2024, we should have a plan in place for both the border and DHS.

Let’s work together to limit illegal immigration and improve the way the Federal government handles it.