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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Live in the 19th District that I Represent

I actually live here, in West Texas. Unlike my opponent, West Texas is my home – I don’t just occasionally commute here. As your Congressman, I will live in the West Texas region that I represent. In fact, you couldn’t get me out of this place with a crowbar if you tried. I’ll be in DC as needed to tend to official business, of course, but the idea of moving to DC full time and making it my home is simply out of the question.

It seems almost ridiculous to have to say that, but let’s face the facts, our current representative, Jodey Arrington, hasn’t truly lived in West Texas since 2017. Right after he was elected, he moved his family to Washington DC, where he still makes his home. If you hope to see him in West Texas, you’ll likely have to catch him when he returns to Texas to for an election campaign or a weekend visit.

In my opinion, being present in the district you represent is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Too many, these career politicians who move to Washington DC and saddle up in the bureaucracy become disconnected from the people they were elected to represent. West Texas deserves a representative who shares their values, walks their streets, understands their challenges, champions their causes and calls this incredible place home.