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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Protect Religious Freedom: Guarding Principles and Values

Across America, religious institutions are increasingly under attack for their beliefs, traditions and values. I stand firmly in support of faith-based organizations, advocating for their right to practice their religion in accordance with their own deeply held values, and in keeping with tradition and the laws of the land, under the U.S. Constitution.

As part of our commitment, I am honored to have Cody Cochran, the minister of the church I belong to in Anson, Bethel Assembly of God, serve as our campaign’s Spiritual Advisor.. In the coming months, we’ll be working with Cody to organize a series of fellowship events that promote unity and a respect for religious freedoms.

As a man of Faith, I respect the Word of God and the right of others to worship as they choose, and I will stand in strong opposition to any law, policy or movement – by any group or political party – to denigrate or abridge those rights.

Let’s work together to support religious freedom and individual liberty.