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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Empower Parents: Advocating for School Choice

We need to prioritize the needs of kids, not unions. School choice gives parents the ability to choose which school is right for their non-adult children, with the educational funding following the child. Parents (not the government) understand what school is the best fit for their kids and families.

The issue seems straightforward, however it’s become one of the most contentious debates in education, with union-funded politicians on one side and parents on the other.
In my mind, it’s not even a close call as to who should get to decide this issue: parents. If I am elected, I will enthusiastically support any legislative measure that advances the rights of parents as it concerns their non-adult children. .Schools have a role to play, of course, but that authority should never come at the expense of parents, who are ultimately responsible for the health, welfare and education of their own kids.

Together, let’s work for a West Texas where families are empowered, children thrive and parents’ school choices are no longer corralled by bureaucratic officials.