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As Your Congressman, I Will …

Ensure that Every County is Represented – Not Ignored

For too long now, many of the 33 counties in our district have been overlooked, neglected and taken for granted. That stops with me. As your U.S. Representative, I will give each and every county the attention and the support that it deserves.

I will draw on my West Texas values to serve and defend the rights, dignity and interests of all of our counties, not just the biggest ones. Unlike our current absentee congressman, Jodey Arrington, I recognize that every county counts and each county deserves regular visits and service from its representative. It is unacceptable that our current representative does not even live in West Texas. Right after he was elected in 2017, Jodey moved with his family to Washington to DC, and he continues to live there to this day.

I believe it’s time for a change. Each of our 33 counties deserves a representative who understands its challenges and can advocate for its needs.

Right now, the disconnect with our absentee representative is clear and many of our counties are suffering for it. Hospitals are closing or significantly scaling back the kinds of services they offer, leaving many residents in these areas without adequate health coverage and medical services. The needs of our key business (and employers) are also being ignored, like beef and poultry producers who are facing unfair competition from producers outside the United States. I will advocate for “Country of Origin” labeling on food products, so consumers can choose to buy products that are “Made in America,” and even “Made in West Texas.” Currently, the process is “unfair” because competitors are not required to have “Country of Origin” labeling on their food products.

I understand the challenges and aspirations of our community because I’ve lived here all my life, and still do. I live in Jones County, on a working ranch just outside of Abilene. When I’m not in Washington for official business I’ll be hitting the road regularly to visit all 33 counties, including the ones on the far reaches of our District along the New Mexico border. Your welfare – not my career in Washington – will always be my top priority. And I will never, ever move full time to DC – you also have my word on that. My commitment is to West Texas, not a career in politics.

Let’s foster a more representative and more responsive approach to government by attending to each of the 33 counties in our district and making sure no county is left behind. Together, we are better.